San Francisco Beach Water Quality

Shoreline bacteria are routinely monitored at sixteen stations around the perimeter of San Francisco where water contact recreation may occur. These include three stations within the Candlestick Point State Recreation Area, one station at Islais Creek, one station at Mission Creek, two stations at Aquatic Park, two stations along Crissy Field Beach, three stations at Baker Beach, one station at China Beach, and three stations along Ocean Beach.

The beach monitoring program is a cooperative effort between the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and the San Francisco Department of Public Health. Samples are collected weekly year round. Additional monitoring is conducted whenever a treated discharge from the City’s Combined sewer system occurs that affects a monitored beach. READ MORE about the combined sewer system and a detailed explanation of the Beach Monitoring Program.

  • Beach Open icon Water quality meets State of California bacteria standards for water contact recreation.
  • Beach Posted icon Concentrations of bacteria were elevated at this location within the past 24 hours or a combined sewer discharge has recently occurred at this site.
  • Data N/A icon This location is not sampled. No data is available at this time.
  • Data N/A icon This location is not routinely sampled. No data is available at this time.
  • CSO icon Combined Sewer Discharge has occurred within the last 24-72 hours. (Call 1-877-SFBEACH or 1-877-732-3224 for details)

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