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CleanPowerSF is San Francisco’s Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program. CCA programs enable local governments to purchase and/or develop power on behalf of the local community. CleanPowerSF is a not-for-profit entity, and works in partnership with the local investor-owned utility (PG&E in San Francisco) to deliver cleaner energy to residents and businesses. With CleanPowerSF, PG&E continues to maintain the power grid, respond to outages and bill customers.

California’s growing CCA movement has a track record of delivering savings on customers’ electric bills while providing more clean power to the grid. To learn more about community choice aggregation, visit the CalCCA website.

Why CleanPowerSF?
Cleaner energy at competitive rates! It’s that simple. This is your chance to help save the environment right from the comfort of your home. By aggregating San Francisco’s demand for energy, CleanPowerSF leverages this demand to generate and source cleaner energy that protects the environment and supports our local economy. CleanPowerSF offers cost-effective, cleaner energy alternatives for your homes and businesses. Because CleanPowerSF is not-for-profit, ratepayer funds will be reinvested locally in energy efficiency programs and new renewable energy facilities. 

Enrolling in CleanPowerSF’s 100% renewable SuperGreen energy is the easiest action San Francisco residents and businesses can take to help the City reach its climate action goals.

How Your Energy Supply Works Today
Most of PG&E's electricity is generated from nuclear, natural gas and other unspecified energy sources. Only about 33%* comes from renewable sources. PG&E delivers this energy to you through its power lines.

diagram of pg&e energy mix

CleanPowerSF Energy is Cleaner
CleanPowerSF generates more of your electricity from cleaner, renewable resources (solar and wind) right here in California. This cleaner energy will continue to be delivered to you by PG&E.

Diagram of CleanPowerSF energy flow

Competitive Price and Cleaner Energy 
With CleanPowerSF’s Green service, the only thing that changes is that you receive cleaner energy at a competitive price. PG&E continues to deliver your electricity, maintain the power grid and respond to outages. PG&E also continues to send your monthly bill (with CleanPowerSF charges replacing certain PG&E charges). CleanPowerSF began automatically delivering this cleaner energy to San Francisco neighborhoods in phases in May 2016 and will enroll all eligible San Francisco electricity customers by the end of 2019.

Become a Clean Energy Super Hero with SuperGreen!
CleanPowerSF’s Green energy is a great first step toward sustainability, but you can make the ultimate clean energy commitment by choosing to enroll in SuperGreen – CleanPowerSF’s 100% renewable energy option (no unbundled RECs). For an additional 1.5 cents per kilowatt hour for residential and 1 cent per kilowatt hour for commercial customers above our Green rates, you can make a huge impact by cutting the greenhouse gas emissions from your electricity supply to zero. That’s how we improve air quality. That’s how we fight climate change right here in San Francisco – and around the globe.

Assistance Programs
If you’re enrolled in one of PG&E’s Assistance Programs, such as California Alternate Rates for Energy Program (CARE), those programs continue to apply to you as a CleanPowerSF customer. The only thing that changes is that you’re receiving cleaner energy at a price competitive with what you would otherwise pay as an Assistance Program participant.

The Power of Choice
CleanPowerSF is a partnership with PG&E. In May 2016, PG&E automatically began delivering CleanPowerSF’s Green service (cleaner energy at competitive rates) to select parts of the City and will continue to enroll customers by neighborhood through 2019. If you don’t want cleaner energy for a competitive price, continued to be delivered by your existing energy provider, you can opt-out at any time after your account is scheduled for enrollment. You can also upgrade to SuperGreen, our 100% renewable energy option.

Who’s Administering CleanPowerSF?
CleanPowerSF is administered by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC)—San Francisco’s cleanest electric utility. For 100 years, the SFPUC has generated 100% greenhouse gas-free electricity from the Hetch Hetchy Power System for vital City services and customers like MUNI, SFO International Airport, schools, Zuckerberg SF General Hospital and others. CleanPowerSF is administered by the same clean energy experts. We also deliver your great-tasting Hetch Hetchy Tap Water and operate the City’s award-winning San Francisco sewer system.

* Cited from PG&E's 2016 Power Content Label.

Last updated: 5/15/2018 1:09:27 PM