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SF Sewers: You Can't Live A Day Without Me


Download SF Sewers: You Can’t Live A Day Without Me Now!

Written & Performed by

Leamon Abrams, Kalle Burton, Desmond Hatter
Shawna Gates, Tricia Hutcherson, Michelle Peters, and Jean Walsh

On March 25th, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) released “You Can’t Live a Day without Me”, a rap song about the City’s sewer system.  Lyrics were written and performed by summer youth interns as a way to help introduce a younger audience to the importance of a functioning sewer system and the Sewer System Improvement Program. The video was filmed and edited by San Francisco’s youth through BAYCAT, a local non-profit empowering underserved City youth through digital media training.

When you’re chillin’ at home you don’t think about it
It’s silent as a period ending a sentence; just as important
Every time you do the dishes, flush, shower, rinse
Brush ya teeth I bet you’re using it

It’s always workin', Never takes a break,
Sun up, Sun down, turn down for what? No way
A 9-5 is 16 hours of vacay
The Sewer System never sleeps, breathin’ everyday
It’s the Sewers

(Chorus) You play, You go about your day
Don't even look my way
I'm working for you all night and all day
It rains, We're working just the same
To keep the City's fame
We're SF Sewers so remember our name

Water, runnin’ a flow
Where does wastewater go?
SF Sewers You Know

Treats the Water that Flows (Repeat)

PUC SSIP let me ask you, do you see pee?
HA we treat. 80% in the Southeast, storm water and sewage
Because we are one of few cities
Our system is combined

We don’t specialize, except the Northside,
Southeast and Oceanside, we do both types
Treating sewage to protect people and wildlife,
It’s the Sewers


There a problem, its aging, it’s just too old,
It belongs in an old folks home; (that's just the start of it)
Cuz 60 plus years ago, it was born,
and was told that in 50 years that it would have to go.
(How can we solve this?)

We’ve got a solution that will beautify the block. (Who?)
The City is gonna answer the call (True)
2022 we’ll be out with the old and in with the new
Southeast will be a hit for you.
It’s the Sewers.

You go, you wash, you shower too
And all your friends do too
I tell you no one takes more crap than I do
I know, you wash you poop you pee
But it don't bother me
Ooh-Eee, you can't live one day without me

Water, runnin’ a flow
Where does that water go?
SF Sewers You Know
Treats the Water that Flows (Repeat)

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