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Permanent Civil Service Appointments

Most jobs at the SFPUC are filled through competitive civil service examination processes which result in permanent civil service appointments with benefits. The purpose of the examination is to create a list of eligible candidates to be considered for employment. Successful candidates are placed on a hiring list (eligible list) which has been ranked according to exam scores. Separate eligible lists are typically established for each recruitment and hiring managers are able to select from a certain number of ranks (ranging from the top three to ten scores) based on the established certification rule for the particular eligible list.


Candidates remain active on the eligible list and may be considered for future vacancies until the list’s expiration date.

Temporary Employment

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is a dynamic utility agency with significant work across three major enterprises of Water, Wastewater and Power, and the supporting Bureaus. We have a dedicated workforce of over 2300 individuals in a variety of occupations throughout San Francisco, the Bay Area and the broader Northern California region.

Temporary and seasonal workers play a vital role by providing short term, administrative, technical, skilled craft, and professional support for work in these various locations. Temporary employees may work on special projects, provide assistance during peak work periods, and fill in for regular employees who are on vacation or sick leave, or temporarily (provisionally) fill a vacant position during recruitment. Many temporary workers go on to successfully compete for career employment opportunities in the SFPUC and other public sector agencies upon exposure to the mission, goals, and values of the SFPUC.

Application and Selection Process

Temporary employment opportunities are advertised on the SFPUC recruitment site and operating departments screen applications based on the specific knowledge, skills and abilities required to meet operational needs. The selection and hiring of temporary workers is typically based on a competitive selection process, such as formal application or resume review, oral interview, performance test, review of work sample, and/or other job-related assessment.

Length and Type of Assignments

Assignments and schedules vary depending on operational needs. We typically hire employees as temporary exempt (TEX) appointments for as-needed, intermittent work (up to 1040 hours in a fiscal year) or to backfill regular employees who are on leave (up to 2 years). In addition, employees can be hired to work on specific special projects for up to 3 years through either TEX or permanent exempt (PEX) appointments.

In all cases, temporary employment opportunities are time limited, at will appointments. However, temporary employment will provide valuable insights and opportunities to learn about the SFPUC, its mission, and the dedicated workforce that exists to serve the residents of San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions for additional information about our Employment Process


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