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EnvisionOurBayview Stakeholder Outreach and Engagement Video from BAYCAT on Vimeo.

The existing Southeast Community Facility (SECF), located at 1800 Oakdale Avenue, and the adjacent Greenhouses at 1150 Phelps Street, were constructed in partnership with the Bayview-Hunters Point community to mitigate the environmental and social impacts of the Southeast Treatment Plant's expansion in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The SECF is owned by the city and operated and maintained by the SFPUC for the benefit of the Bayview Hunters Point community. Read about the full history and mitigation. 

After an extensive community engagement process, the SFPUC is building a new SECF at 1550 Evans Street

The Big Six: Advocating for Local Residents

Big Six

"The Big Six" a group of dedicated Bayview leaders, was instrumental in advocating for and ensuring that these facilities were developed and designed to provide workforce, childcare and educational opportunities in their community. These longtime civil rights advocates, Dr. Espanola Jackson, Harold Madison, Eloise Westbrook, Ethel Garlington, Shirley Jones and Alex Pitcher, are respected and remembered for their dedication to making the Bayview a better place to live, work and play. Our Agency salutes their service and we look forward to continuing to partner with Bayview residents and leaders as we honor the Big Six's vision for state-of-the-art facilities that serve the community's needs.

Southeast Community Facility Recent Key Milestones

Southeast Community Member

As we look forward to working with Bayview residents to build a new SECF at 1550 Evans Avenue, it is important to reflect and take stock on years past. Below is a timeline with key SECF milestones. 



  • The new SECF at 1550 Evans is slated to open in 2021. Construction of the new facility will begin in 2019. The existing SECF at 1800 Oakdale will remain open until the new facility is constructed. Stay informed about the process. 


  • The SFPUC begins the schematic design and planning phase for 1550 Evans. The agency continues to gather residents' feedback, through twice-monthly SECF Committee meetings, monthly SECF Commission meetings, Southeast events, and outreach to community-based organizations. 
  • Demand increases for the current SECF at 1800 Oakdale, as an affordable community destination for city agencies, local merchants, non-profits, and family-oriented events, as well as a highly-desired site for recurring community meetings. During its high season, 1800 Oakdale holds 140 events in 121 days (9.1.17 to 12.31.17). Over the course of 2017, the SECF hosts almost 450 events and meetings. 


  • The SFPUC conducts a transparent and inclusive outreach process in collaboration with 16 Bayview community partners. The effort includes: 
    • Knocking on 2,400 doors surrounding the facility and surveying 1,200 residents, including those in public housing
    • Attending 20 community events
    • Hosting a youth-led survey competition and 13 focus groups
    • Collecting more than 1,000 in-depth surveys with more than 500 comments submitted, two-thirds from residents in the 94124-zip code. 

Survey respondents are asked to indicate a preference for a community center based on 1) their own personal perception of the center and 2) how it could best serve them and the community. Out of the survey respondents that indicate a preference, 71% prefer building new on Third at Evans. 


  • The SFPUC along with tenants and key stakeholders explore the options of (1) building a new SECF at Third and Evans or (2) renovating 1800 Oakdale. There is also the possibility of including an adjoining academic building in partnership with potential educational partners (including San Francisco State University, City College, and SFUSD) at Third and Evans. Since community stakeholders positively view the option to build a new SECF, feedback suggests that a community-facing outreach process would help to determine the pros and cons of both options.
  • The SFPUC halts plans to move wastewater operations to Third and Evans to undertake extensive public outreach. 
  • Longtime SECF Executive Director, Toye Moses retires. Dion-Jay Brookter is selected to lead the facility and its programs. 


  • Phase 1 renovations are completed. Renovations to the Phelps Wing include enhanced usability of classrooms and the addition of administrative space.
  • The SFPUC begins plans to renovate a vacant five-acre property on the corner of Third and Evans (1550 Evans) for the purpose of providing office space to SFPUC wastewater personnel, that are dispersed in multiple leased locations in the Southeast. 
  • The cost for Phase II renovations at 1800 Oakdale is estimated at $35-$40M. The evaluation of overall costs and the efficacy of Phase I investments indicates that the cost estimates are likely low. In addition, despite the size of the investment in Phase II, the outdated plumbing and mechanical systems, confusing layout, lack of natural lighting, and limited parking reveal that it is not the best use of funds and would not address many of the structural deficiencies of the facility. 


  • A community assessment is conducted in partnership with the Southeast Community Facility Commission (SECFC), tenants, residents and community leaders. The assessment identifies that the aging building needs substantial physical improvements for better programming and to increase neighborhood usage. The decision is made to renovate the building in two phases. A smaller renovation in the Phelps Wing will help to determine the practicality of renovating the entire building. 
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