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Growing Environmental Education in Communities

hands holding leaves 

The SFPUC is committed to preparing the next generation of environmental stewards and continuing to engage with existing generations to prevent pollution and sustain our natural resources. We believe that everyone has a role to play in maintaining the environment and we’re proud to empower our service area communities with the resources needed to do it.

Helping Budding Environmental Stewards Blossom

Our Agency works with community organizations, the San Francisco Unified School District and other City Departments to create engaging programs and tools that teach children about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), water conservation, pollution prevention and how to make healthier, more sustainable choices at home and school. We provide special curricula and resources like Big Ideas, a book providing teachers with a guide to teach Grades K-12 about our water, power and sewer systems. Through programs like Tuolumne in My Tap to Save the Bay, each year our Agency and partners hold classroom presentations providing more than 2,500 kids with the opportunity to learn about how our systems operate and what they can do to conserve our natural resources.

Over the years, we’ve also worked with nonprofits and City agencies to upgrade schools and community spaces with healthier, more sustainable features like solar panels, tap water bottle stations and permeable pavement. Our Drink Tap Program is leading the charge to increase access to high quality tap water in our City’s schools. To date, there are more than 50 tap Drink Tap stations at San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) schools, providing more than 20,000 students with clean drinking water. We’ve also partnered with Global Tap to install more than 30 tap stations in public spaces like parks, community centers and the San Francisco Airport.

mentor and student presenting their project

The SFPUC is also a participant of the SPARK Program, an initiative matching adults with middle school students to engage them in hands-on learning opportunities. Through SPARK, our staff and private sector partners have served as mentors to 7th and 8th Willie Brown Middle School students, volunteering more than 600 hours to collaborate with them on STEM projects while helping them explore real career opportunities.

Empowering Our Public with Knowledge and Tools

cleanpowerSF info booth

Our Agency is dedicated to educating and engaging with our communities about our mission, services and conservation resources and tools. We launched CleanPowerSF, San Francisco’s new community choice clean energy program providing the city’s electricity customers with the power to choose cleaner, more renewable energy at competitive rates. And, through our Adopt a Drain Program, San Franciscans can “adopt” one or more of the city’s 25,000 storm drains or catch basins and pledge to help keep it free of leaves and debris.

We’ve adopted a proactive, engaging and multi-media approach to keeping our communities informed-- both online, in print and through face-to-face public engagement opportunities. We’re active on our various social media platforms where we share real-time SFPUC news; teach residents about our operations and provide opportunities to play educational games and win prizes. Our newsletters are widely read with our online newsletter, Digital Currents, reaching more than 50,000 subscribers and our print version is included in our ratepayers’ monthly water bills.

From San Francisco to Sunol, we hold regular community stakeholder meetings to share news and get input from our ratepayers and residents about our projects and activities. We also participate in community outreach events throughout our service areas like Sunday Street Fairs and educational events like Family Nights at the California Academy of Sciences.


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