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Our Water Curriculum

Our Water is designed to teach 4th–6th grade students about San Francisco’s water resources and the importance of conservation. It is a unique, interdisciplinary unit that supports CA StateOur Water cover sheet Standards. This unit was created to be flexible. While we put the materials in the order we think works best, you can use it in part, in whole, or in any order you choose.

The SFPUC also provides classroom presentations as an educational complement to the Our Water curriculum. During this 50-minute interactive presentation students will learn about:

•Water during the Gold Rush era
•The history of our Hetch Hetchy Regional Water system
•The many different uses of water & the concept of a "water footprint"
•Threats to our water supply such as droughts and climate change
•Alternative water resources such as groundwater, recycled water and desalination

We’d love to hear your feedback. If you have any comments, questions, or would like toHetch Hetchy Unit schedule an 'Our Water' classroom presentation, please contact the San Francisco Department of the Environment at (415) 355-3763 or visit

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