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Questions on Bid Documents

A. Prior to receipt of Bids, should a Bidder find discrepancies, ambiguities, or conflicts in the Bid Documents, or should there be doubt as to meaning of a provision or requirement, the Bidder shall at once notify the City in writing using the Questions on Bid Documents (QBD) form Document No. 00 21 14/QBD. Delivery shall be via

B. If the response to a QBD is not already contained in the current Bid Documents and resolution of the question is considered necessary by the City, then the City will, pursuant to paragraph D below, issue a written clarification in the form of an Addendum to all Bidders of record.

  1. Only clarifications contained in an Addendum will be binding.
  2. The City will not be responsible for oral explanations or interpretations of the Bid Documents.

C. The products specified in the Bid Documents establish a minimum standard of required type, function and quality that substitutions must meet to be considered acceptable to the City. To obtain acceptance of unspecified "or equal" products, systems, materials or services, Bidders shall submit a completed QBD form accompanied by a Request for Product Substitution form (Section 00 49 18) together with required supporting documentation.

  1. The burden of proof of the merit of the proposed substitute item is upon the Bidder.
  2. The City’s decision of approval or disapproval of a proposed substitute item will be final.
  3. If the City approves a proposed substitute item, such approval will be set forth in an Addendum issued to all prospective Bidders.
  4. Refer to Article ''Information to be Submitted after Bid Due Date” for requests for substitution submitted by the successful Bidder after award of the Contract.
  5. Bidders must base their Bids on materials, products, services, and systems specified in the Contract Documents or listed by name in Addenda.

D. Questions or requests for substitution received less than 10 days prior to the date of receiving Bids may not be answered.


Last updated: 1/30/2020 11:32:24 AM