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The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is responsible for the installation, maintenance and operation of the City’s municipal solar photovoltaic (PV) installations. Currently, the there are 23 sites which generate approximately 8.6 MWh of renewable energy in San Francisco.

Examples of Our Work

City Hall
Location: 1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Place
Size: 80 kW
230 high-efficiency solar modules were installed on the south light court side of City Hall in January 2015. The 80kW PV system spans approximately 8,000 square feet and further improves the regal structure’s low greenhouse gas emission profile.

 City Hall Solar Panels

Thurgood Marshall High School
Location: 45 Conkling Street
Size: 87.36 kW
The 87.36 kW solar PV system atop Thurgood Marshall School is the second municipal solar array installed on a City school. The 312-panel system came online in January 2015 and generates up to 25% of the school’s electricity.

 Thurgood Marshall High School Solar Panels

North Beach Library
Location: 850 Columbus Ave
Size: 11.7kW
Our 17th solar array sits atop the new North Beach Library, the final branch library to be built or remodeled through the Branch Library Improvement Program. The 38-panel system will produce an estimated 10,084 kW hours of electricity, the equivalent of removing approximately 3 tons of carbon dioxide or powering 4 San Francisco homes annually.

 North Beach Library Solar Panels
Davies Symphony Hall Solar Array
Location: 201 Van Ness Ave
Size: 182 kW
This solar installation sits atop the famous Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall which houses the prestigious San Francisco Symphony. This 588-panel system will provide about 15 percent of Davies' electricity needs, producing 248,200kW hours of electricity, the equivalent of removing approximately 50 tons of carbon dioxide or powering 60 San Francisco homes annually.
Solar panels at Davies Symphony Hall


MUNI Ways and Structure Solar Array
Location: 700 Pennsylvania, Potrero Hill
Size: 101kW
The 363-panel system is the SFPUC’s second installation on a MUNI facility. The solor array will provide about 20 percent of the facility’s electricity needs, producing 127,000 kW hours of electricity which is equivalent to removing about 90 tons of carbon dioxide annually from the environment. The facility centralizes several Muni functions including a machine shop, welding, carpentry, painting, and locksmith.
Solar panels at MUNI Ways and Structures facility


Alvarado Elementary School Solar Array
Location: 625 Douglass Street
Size: 50 kW
The 180-panel system is the SFPUC’s first school installation. The array will provide up to 20-to-30 percent of the school’s electricity needs, producing 62,500 kW hours of electricity, the equivalent of removing about 24,270 pounds of carbon dioxide or 4,500 gallons of gasoline from the environment annually. Installations are planned for additional schools both to reduce the City's carbon footprint and to educate students on the importance of environment stewardship.
Solar panels at Alvarado Elementary School

525 Golden Gate Solar Array

Location: 525 Golden Gate, San Francisco
Size: 164 kW
The new roof at our headquarters on 525 Golden Gate features a 684-solar panel array incorporating the latest photovoltaic technologies. The installation will generate up to 164 kilowatts and features a unique tri-level array configuration. Solar panels flank the 12th and 13th floor south windows and are placed atop the rooftop.
525 Golden Gate Solar

Tesla Solar Array

Location: Tesla Ultra-Violet Light Water Treatment Facility
Size: 32 kW
The Tesla Water Treatment Facility, California’s newest and largest ultraviolet water treatment plant features a 132-panel rooftop solar array. With a peak output of up to 32 kilowatts, the facility will produce 45.8 megawatt hours of clean, renewable solar energy each year and will serve as the perfect clean energy compliment for this landmark water disinfection facility.

Tesla Solar

MUNI Woods Motor Coach Facility Solar Photovoltaic (PV)
Location: 1095 Indiana Street
Size: 107 kW
This 336 module solar array is the SFPUC’s first installation on a MUNI facility. The modules are installed on a customized solar racking system, which can be seen from HWY 280 if you look closely enough (viewing recommended for passengers only, not drivers). The generated clean, renewable energy is fed into a SatCon inverter before it enters the grid. The MUNI Woods Motor Coach Facility performs light and heavy maintenance on MUNI’s bus fleet

Muni Solar

Chinatown Health Center Solar Photovoltaic (PV)
Location: 1490 Mason Street
Size: 24.5 kW
With excellent sun exposure and approximately 77 modules installed, the Chinatown Public Health Center Solar Array is the SFPUC’s second installation on a Department of Public Health facility. These ultra-efficient, SunPower modules are installed on a customized, non-penetrating racking system. The rooftop array is situated four floors above the Broadway Tunnel and offers stunning views of San Francisco’s Downtown and piers.
For Solar Overview page


Sunset Reservoir Solar Array
Location: Sunset Reservoir
Size: 5 Megawatts
The Sunset Reservoir Solar Array is San Francisco's largest solar installation. With a generating capacity of up to 5 megawatts, the Sunset Solar Array was the largest, urban, municipal solar array in California when completed. The Sunset Reservoir Solar array more than tripled the amount of municipal solar generating capacity in San Francisco.

Sunset From Sky

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) Solar Photovoltaic (PV)
Location: Terminal 3
Size: 456 kW
SFO is San Francisco Water, Power and Sewer’s largest retail customer and Terminal 3 houses a large single-roof solar PV project. The Power Divisions solved the challenge of designing a module layout for the circular roof by using a unique mounting system that allows a full 90 degree “tilt up,” which eases future inspections and cleaning. Visitors to SFO can easily view this entire installation from the Air Train.

Solar at SFO

Chinatown Public Library (PV)
Location: 1135 Powell Street
Size: 10 kW
The solar photovoltatic (PV) system is installed on the roof of this historic building located in the heart of San Francis’s Chinatown. It is an important example of success in providing clean, reliable solar power while not compromising the integrity of a significant cultural landmark. The metering system reports on the performance of the installation and provides library patrons the opportunity to learn about solar power.

Solar at Chinatown Library

City Distribution Division Photovoltaic (PV)
Location: 1990 Newcomb Ave.
Size: 134 kW
The City Distribution Division installation uses lightweight, high-efficiency crystalline PV cells embedded on the roofing membrane. The resulting module provides power output comparable to regular modules, while satisfying the very limited maximum weight allowance on the roof.

Solar at CDD

North Point Solar Photovoltaic (PV)
Location: 111 Bay Street
Size: 241 kW
Adjacent to Pier 39, two separate building roofs were used to provide supplemental solar PV power to this important agency facility. This building complex serves the residents of San Francisco during wet weather by treating wastewater and storm water. The equipment was designed to resist corrosion from the salt air and other harsh environmental factors.

Photo of North Point solar panels

Maxine Hall Neighborhood Medical Center (PV)
Location: 1301 pierce Street
Size: 32 kW
San Francisco Water, Power and Sewer installed a small, but important solar array on an important Medical Center and Clinic in the Western Addition neighborhood. A computer screen in the lobby provides Medical Center patients a real-time readout on the installation’s performance.

Solar at Maxine Hall

Pier 96 Photovoltaic (PV)
Location: Pier 96
Size: 245 kW
This solar PV installation provides clean, green power to the water recycling works at the Norcal recycling facility. During construction, strict safety measures were employed to protect workers on the extremely steep roof. Module performance has been improved by it location, which extends out over the San Francisco Bay. 

Solar at Pier 96

Southeast Water Pollution Control Plant (PV)
Location: 750 Phelps Street
Size: 255 kW
This installation is situated on the roofs of two wastewater treatment buildings. Clean electric power is generated 365 days per year on site, efficiently and reliably, supplementing other electrical power at this large plant, which treats 70 millions gallons per day of San Francisco’s wastewater.

Image of solar panels on Southeast Plant

Moscone Convention Center (PV)
Location: 747 Howard Street
Size: 676 kW
This installation represents San Francisco Water, Power and Sewer’s first and largest “combined roof’ project to date, consisting of over 5,400 modules. The DC power generated from the PV arrays located on the Esplanade Ballroom and South Lobby roofs are converted to clean, green AC power using three 255 kW inverters.

Photo of Moscone Center solar panels

Cesar Chavez Elementary School (PV)
Location: 825 Shotwell Street 
Size: 53 kW
This installation consists of approximately 192 modules and offsets approximately 25-30% of of the school's electricity needs. Extensive roof repair was needed to complete the project, with assistance provided by the Department of Public Works.

Solar Panels at Cesar Chavez Elementary School

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