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Wildfire Mitigation Plan

California Public Utilities Code (PUC) section 8387 was amended in 2018 by Senate Bill (SB) 901 (Dodd). PUC § 8387 requires that the SFPUC maintain and operate its electrical lines and equipment “in a manner that will minimize the risk of catastrophic wildfire posed by those electrical lines and equipment.” As amended by SB 901,PUC § 8387 more specifically requires that the SFPUC “shall, before January 1, 2020, and annually thereafter, prepare a wildfire mitigation plan.”

The objectives of the SFPUC’s Wildfire Mitigation Plan (WMP) is to:

  • Reduce the risk of potential wildfire-causing ignitions associated with the SFPUC’s electrical infrastructure.
  • Implement a WMP that embraces safety, prevention, and mitigation as a priority.
  • Create a WMP that is consistent with state law and objectives.

Link to the SFPUC's Wildfire Mitigation Plan

The SFPUC WMP was reviewed by a qualified independent evaluator (IE) with experience in assessing the safe operation of electrical infrastructure. The IE assessed the comprehensiveness of our WMP, including a review of our risk assessment and WMP strategies and found the plan is comprehensive and satisfies statutory requirements.

Link to the SFPUC's Wildfire Mitigation Plan Independent Evaluation
Last updated: 6/10/2020 1:41:15 PM