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Drumm & Jackson Streets Sewer Improvements

EDJ Header Daytime Update: Embarcadero/Drumm & Jackson Project
The Drumm & Jackson and Embarcadero projects were planned to occur at the same time; however the SFPUC has decided to first properly locate and assess the condition of the existing underground facilities that are along the Embarcadero while moving forward with the urgent repair needed on Drumm.  

Project Purpose and Need

The Drumm & Jackson Street Sewer Improvements project (Drumm/Jackson) will rehabilitate approximately 805 feet of the existing Drumm Street box sewer and approximately 205 feet of the Jackson Street box sewer. The Drumm & Jackson sewer boxes serve approximately 25% of the City and County of San Francisco. They are large reinforced concrete box sewers (e.g. the Drumm box sewer is more than 7.5-feet wide by 6-feet high) that collect and transport combined wastewater by gravity en-route to the Southeast Treatment Plant. The Drumm & Jackson sewers were constructed in approximately 1913. These critical sewers have severe deterioration and corrosion and are in need of repair.

The project to upgrade the North Shore Force Main under the Embarcadero is not anticipated to start until 2019. We will provide updates when more project details are available.

Drumm & Jackson project benefits:

  • Increase sewer system reliability; together the Drumm & Jackson sewers contribute to servicing over 350,000 people in San Francisco on a regular workday.
  • Protect water quality and aquatic life in the Bay by ensuring combined sewage is conveyed to the Southeast Treatment Plant.

Proposed construction schedule: 

  • Construction is estimated to start late winter/early spring 2018 and last approximately 9months. 
  • NOTE:  The Drumm/Jackson and Embarcadero North Shore Force Main (NSFM) projects were planned to occur at the same time, however, the projects will now occur separately. The SFPUC has decided to phase the scope of work into two different construction contracts (1) Drumm & Jackson and (2) North Shore Force Main. This will allow us to properly locate and assess the condition of the existing underground facilities that are along the Embarcadero while moving forward with the urgent repair of the Drumm & Jackson Street sewers. We will provide an update and additional information once we have a schedule and more project details.

What to Expect During Construction

The majority of the rehabilitation will be by trenchless (below ground) construction method to minimize street level construction activities. There will be some above ground construction for access points to the sewer and portions of the traffic lanes on Drumm Street may be closed for worker safety. 

  • Sewer service in the area will NOT be interrupted during construction. 
  • Street parking will not be allowed near construction zones. “No-parking” signs will be posted 72 hours in advance. 
  • Streets will stay open for traffic throughout construction, with reduced traffic lanes and optional detour routes available. Traffic delays should be expected. 
  • No bus impacts are expected at this time.
  • Noisy work will be conducted in compliance with the San Francisco Noise Ordinance. Most construction work is expected to be performed during daytime hours.
  • If necessary, odor control measures will be in place during construction. 
  • A 30-day and 10-day notice will be distributed prior to construction to residents and businesses within the project area detailing traffic impacts and project details.

For Additional Information
The SFPUC is working to minimize impacts and disruptions and is committed to providing timely information. If you have any questions or comments, please contact our hotline at (415) 554-3289 or email Leamon Abrams at

About the SSIP

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) recently launched the Sewer System Improvement Program (SSIP), a 20-year citywide investment to upgrade our aging sewer system and provide a more reliable, sustainable, and seismically safe system now and for future generations. The SSIP includes a series of facility upgrades at the Southeast Treatment Plant (SEP) located in the Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco. Click here to learn more about the SSIP.

Last updated: 10/5/2017 10:58:54 AM