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Construction Management Plan

Our Sewer System Improvement Program (SSIP) will repair, replace, and seismically upgrade portions of San Francisco’s combined wastewater and stormwater system, a system vulnerable due to age, condition, and lack of redundancy. The SSIP’s planning stages have been completed and most projects are now well into design, so emphasis has turned toward preparing for construction. Accordingly, the SFPUC is pleased to introduce its plan to manage SSIP construction.

The SSIP CM Plan has been prepared to present the overall organizational structure for managing the construction of the SSIP projects. The CM Plan provides guidance on what is expected regarding the various CM functions as well as the roles and responsibilities of the CM Consultants and SFPUC staff at both the program and project levels. The CM Plan provides a roadmap for a consistent CM approach to be implemented across the program. The SSIP CM Plan includes the following:

  • A summary of the Construction Management Contracting Strategy;
  • Generic organizational charts of the program and project CM organizations showing typical staff positions of CM Consultants as well as SFPUC staff;
  • Descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of the CM Consultants;
  • Descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of typical CM staff positions;
  • Summary descriptions of the general approach to all of the major CM functions and elements and its application to SSIP, including pre-construction functions; and
  • Identification of software and its use in CM functions for management of information as well as cost and schedule control during the construction phase of SSIP.

Last updated: 12/1/2016 5:14:23 PM