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Ahead of Chinese New Year Celebrations, SFPUC, Supervisor Peskin Encourage SF Community to Recycle Cooking Oil
SFPUC’S SFGreasecycle Program sets up temporary drop-off sites for residents and businesses to dispose of used cooking oil
Posted Date: 2/20/2018 4:00 PM
pouring grease into collection vehicle

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Ahead of the Chinese New Year celebrations, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) General Manager Harlan L. Kelly, Jr. and District 3 Supervisor Aaron Peskin visited San Francisco’s Chinatown neighborhood today to encourage residents and restaurant owners to usher in the Year of the Dog by recycling their used cooking oil. It’s all part of the SFPUC’s innovative SFGreasecycle Program, which diverts fats, oils and grease away from the sewers and recycles it into biofuel. Launched in 2007, SFGreasecycle now serves over 800 restaurants, and has collected and recycled more than three million gallons of grease. Used cooking oils are a serious problem for San Francisco’s sewer system, clogging pipes and costing more than $3.5 million each year in maintenance. 
“We must do everything we can to keep our City’s sewer system flowing and free of debris, and the SFGreasecycle program is one more way we can do that,” said Kelly. “Recycling cooking oil, rather than dumping it down the drain, is good for the environment and good for business. The SFPUC is proud to provide Chinatown residents and businesses with a convenient way to recycle their oil while lowering San Francisco’s carbon footprint.”
Restaurants and any food service establishments can sign up for the SFPUC’s SFGreasecycle Program for FREE collection of used cooking oil. For residents, the SFPUC teamed up with the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department in San Francisco’s Chinatown neighborhood to offer residents opportunities to drop off their used cooking oil for conversion into biofuel for the duration of the Chinese New Year celebrations.  
“SFGreasecycle makes economic sense and is a valuable service for Chinatown restaurants,” said Supervisor Peskin.  “More importantly, through this program, the City extends the environmental benefits citywide by converting the collected grease to cleaner-burning alternative fuel.”
The SFPUC will have a booth at the February 24-25 Chinatown Community Street Fair to educate residents and fair-goers on the importance of recycling used cooking oil and keeping our sewers clean and free of grease.    
The SFPUC is especially grateful for residents who diligently collect used cooking oil and follow drop-off instructions without a single drop of oil spilled. Here are some easy tips: 
  1. Cool down used cooking oil in the pan.
  2. Pour used oil into a clean, non-breakable, leak-proof container with a tight lid.  Consider using old containers, such as mayonnaise jars or the original oil container.
  3. Make sure oil is free of water, soapsuds, and food scraps.  
  4. Drop-off your leak-proof container at Woh Hei Yuen Park on Powell Street at John Street throughout the Chinese New Year celebrations. 
For year-round residential used cooking oil drop-off sites and for businesses who would like to sign-up for the free collection program, contact the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission at 415- 725-1607 or visit