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Keep the City's Fame

Help Out Your Sewers!

Aerial Photo of Southeast PlantHere are some ways you can be a steward of our sewer system.
1. Change Your Actions

a. Don’t flush non-perishable items such as wipes

b. Don’t flush hazardous items such as pharmaceuticals - Dispose of them safely!

c. Don’t drain grease in the sink - Greasecycle!
d. Clean out catchbasins in front of your home
2. Stay Informed
a. Take a wastewater facility tour
b. Sign up for newsletters
c. Follow @SFwater - Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
d. Check out our event calendar
3. Spread the word
a. Share the sewer rap
b. Educate peers
Last updated: 4/2/2015 9:21:20 AM