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Holiday street lights

We applaud the effort of neighborhood groups and merchants to beautify San Francisco city streets during the holiday season. While supporting neighborhood holiday lighting initiatives, our primary responsibility on City streets is to maintain public street lighting. The SFPUC Power Enterprise maintains more than 25,500 street lights in the City and County of San Francisco. Each year, street light operations typically fixes thousands of outages, repairs scores of pole knockdowns, and performs various other street light related tasks with limited personnel and resources.

Taking these limitations into account, the Project Sponsor should share responsibility for the proposed holiday lights.


  1. Holiday lighting projects require careful coordination to confirm the proposed project is compatible with existing street light infrastructure, standards and guidelines. The Project Sponsor must submit an Application for Street Light Pole Alternate Use to the SFPUC Power Enterprise.
  2. The application must be submitted before August 1st in order to ensure installation during the same calendar year.
  3. The Project Sponsor must receive a Street Light Pole Use License issued by the SFPUC.
  4. The Project Sponsor must pay for any and all costs associated with the supply and delivery of the holiday lights and related devices to our 639 Bryant Street warehouse.
  5. We must receive the proposed holiday lights at the 639 Bryant Street warehouse (or such other location as we may designate) before November 1 if the SFPUC is being asked to install these additional lights prior to December 1st of the same year.
  6. The Project Sponsor must store the holiday lights.


  1. Each year, we will install and remove the holiday lights. Installation will be no later than December 1, and removal no sooner than January 1.
  2. We will supply the power used by the holiday lights during the holiday season at no cost to Project Sponsor.

The Project Sponsor acknowledges that damages to the holiday lights may occur during storage, installation, use or removal of the lights. The SFPUC will take reasonable care to protect the holiday lights, but the SFPUC will not be responsible for any damage that might occur to the holiday lights, except to the extent any such damage is caused by the SFPUC’s gross negligence. The SFPUC also does not assume any financial responsibility for replacing any of the holiday lights that fail for any reason.


Last updated: 5/15/2017 2:10:48 PM