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Participate in our #sewerchat!


Join us May 29th at 10:00 am PDT - follow the chat by typing “#SewerChat” into your search bar.

We’d like for you to ask questions, comment on the discussion or share your own interesting stories! Here are some talking points to get you started:

Green Infrastructure

a) Do you know Which watershed you live/work in?

b) What counts as “Green Infrastructure?”

c) What are the benefits of “green” infrastructure over “grey” infrastructure?

d) How is community input and knowledge influencing these upgrades?

Why hold a Sewer Chat?

Nationwide, utilities are grappling with aging infrastructure. It is important to invest now to avoid more costly emergency repairs and greater impacts on our communities later down the line. The Sewer System Improvement Program is utilizing green infrastructure (along with grey infrastructure) technologies to minimize stormwater impacts on our aging sewer system. Each of San Francisco’s eight urban watersheds will be host to its own unique green infrastructure project, and we’ve been incorporating community input to shape our design concepts.

But what is a "watershed"? How does green infrastructure work? Why should we want it? This #SewerChat is intended to share ideas and answer questions surrounding these topics and how they relate to sewer systems worldwide. Pose a question you’ve always had for one of our engineers, share a project you find interesting, or just tune in to see how we have been incorporating the community in our projects!

What IS a twitter chat?

A twitter chat is an online discussion where like-minded Twitter users can discuss a certain topic on Twitter for a given amount of time. You can follow the chat by typing “#SewerChat” into your search bar.

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