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paving holloway What’s New: The project is currently in construction with plantings scheduled for this summer and project completion expected by September 2017. Learn more about how to help keep rain gardens healthy and free of pollution here.

Improving our Sewer System and Benefiting the Community

 Project Materials

Project Fact Sheet
• Workshop Boards 4/27/13
• Presentation 8/15/13
• Presentation 11/13/13

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This project will create a welcoming and vibrant green street allowing community members to use the space in new ways and manage local stormwater. The project is located on Holloway Avenue between Ashton and Lee Avenues.

The Holloway Green Street project features both permeable pavement and rain gardens to manage stormwater through local infiltration. The use of vegetated rain gardens and permeable pavement in parking lanes will beautify and amend the street visually, making it safer and more welcoming for pedestrians and bicycles.

Perspective Rendering Holloway

Conceptual Rendering: Bulbout

This project brings to life a segment of the SF Planning Department’s Green Connections plan along Holloway Avenue to improve active forms of transportation. 

Typical Block
Conceptual Rendering: Typical Block Plan View 

During the planning phase, two public workshops, multiple smaller community group meetings, and door-to-door interviews helped us solicit public input and feedback on the project. An online planning tool was also used to get additional community participation. 

Perspective Rendering Holloway Permeable pavement
Conceptual Rendering: Permeable Pavement

Maintenance plans within green infrastructure will include removal of trash and debris, plant establishment and care, and permeable pavement cleaning. The maintenance schedule and frequency of activities will vary based on the site conditions and needs of the green infrastructure technology employed. The SFPUC will monitor the green infrastructure facilities for proper functioning over time and update maintenance needs and schedules as appropriate.

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