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Did you know San Francisco has eight Urban Watersheds? Check out the map below and read on to learn more!

GI City Map
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No matter where you live, you live in a watershed. The City has eight distinct urban watersheds, three on the Westside where stormwater flows towards the Pacific Ocean, and five on the Bayside where stormwater flows towards the San Francisco Bay. While a natural watershed is the land area that drains to a single body of water such as a stream, lake, wetland, or estuary, an urban watershed replaces many natural tributaries with storm and sewer systems.

In our City, rain flows off hard surfaces such as roofs, streets and parking areas. Stormwater carries pollution and debris into our combined sewer system, which handles both sewage (water from toilets, sinks and showers) as well as stormwater. During heavy rains, the increased stormwater may lead to flooding and partially treated wastewater discharges into the San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean.
As part of the SSIP, the Urban Watershed Assessment will look at ways to address these and other challenges with green and grey infrastructure projects using the Triple Bottom Line analysis tool to assess each solution's community, environmental, and economic benefits.



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Want to learn where the water in your watershed goes when you flush? Check out this cool site, not affiliated with the SFPUC, to see exactly where your water is going!

Last updated: 2/18/2016 9:28:50 AM