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Oceanside Treatment Plant

 Image of Factsheet for Treatment Plants

 Treatment Plants Factsheet

Located on the Great Highway near the SF Zoo, the Oceanside Treatment Plant (OSP) is one of a few plants in the United States built almost entirely underground. It is the City's newest wastewater facility, providing all-weather wastewater collection and treatment of 20% of the City's flows.

Wastewater on the west side of the City, from the Presidio to Lake Merced, is pumped from the Westside Pump Station to the OSP. On an average day, the OSP can treat 17 million gallons per day (MGD); during rain events, the wet-weather treatment capacity is 65 MGD.

Constructed in 1993 as result of the Clean Water Act upgrade, the OSP uses the latest technology in wastewater management, such as egg-shaped digesters for solids treatment, more sophisticated odor control and a higher level of seismic safety.

The Need for Improvement

OSP Aerial

Although the OSP is the most recently constructed of the City’s three treatment facilities, the harsh marine environment surrounding the facility make it vulnerable to accelerated corrosion that reduces the life of the equipment and performance of the plant. The facility requires replacement or upgrades to maintain efficient operation and seismic reliability and to extend the useful life of the equipment. The Sewer System Improvement Program (SSIP) will address deterioration, system performance, and reliability of existing facilities of the OSP.

Snapshot of the Oceanside Treatment Plant

OSP Digesters (from factsheet)

  • Built in 1993
  • Treats 20% of the City’s flows- one third of San Francisco citizens
  • Serves the Westside urban watersheds
  • Capacity to treat 17 million gallons per day (MGD) of wastewater and up to 65MGD during rain storms
  • OSP treated water is released into the Pacific Ocean through deep ocean outfalls
  • 12 acres with 70% underground
  • Located off the Great Highway under the San Francisco Zoo 
proposed Improvements
  • Improved grit removal during pre-treatment

  • Upgrading electrical and instrumentation system

  • Enhanced Corrosion Control
  • Structural and seismic improvements

SSIP Project Benefits
  • Improve process performance
  • Seismic improvements
  • Improve operating reliability and efficiency
  • Upgrades to existing digesters
  • Combination of grey and green infrastructure
  • Installation of green technologies to manage stormwater 

Last updated: 7/14/2017 11:25:09 AM