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Image of a Grassy Field to Advertise UWA SPUR TalkCome Play the Watershed Game! Sat, 9/13

Join us for a brainstorming workshop to plan for the future of grey and green infrastructure in San Francisco's Westside neighborhoods. The game will be on Saturday, September 13th from 10 AM to 1:30 PM in the SF County Fair Building. Sign up here! And don't forget to take the Westside Watersheds Survey.

 Project Factsheet
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About the Urban Watershed Assessment

As part of the Sewer System Improvement Program(SSIP), the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) is planning infrastructure improvements on both the Bayside and the Westside of San Francisco, in each of San Francisco's eight distinct watersheds. The Urban Watershed Assessment is the watershed-based planning process SFPUC is using to help plan the City’s SSIP, a 20-year, multi-billion dollar project. These improvements will include both "grey" infrastructure such as pipes and tunnels, and "green" infrastructure such as rain gardens and permeable pavement to address such challenges as localized flooding, aging infrastructure, seismic safety and reliability, and water quality in the Bay and Ocean.

 Aging Infrastructure  Seismic Vulnerability  Climate Change Impacts

Aging Infrastructure

Over 80% of our pipes are over 100 years old and the system gets overwhelmed during heavy rains.

Seismic Vulnerability

Our sewer system was not built to withstand a major earthquake. Our sewer pipes and treatment facilities are seismically vulnerable.

Climate Change Impacts

The increasing intensity and frequency of storms can overwhelm our system and contribute to flooding.

Important Recent Documents and Recordings

The Urban Watershed team has engaged San Francisco through a variety of outreach efforts. Check out the reports and recordings below and then check out our History of SF Urban Watershed Planning page for more information.

 Image of Stormwater Mgmt Toolkit Brochure  Stormwater Management Toolkit
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 Westside Watersheds Webinar Recording from August 6th, 2014 (41 min)

Our webinar from 8/6/14 discussed our work with the Westside of San Francisco. Listen to the recording to hear about it!

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Bayside Watersheds Webinar Recording from May 21st, 2014 (39 min)

If you missed our webinar about our watershed work for the Bayside of San Francisco, check out the recording to learn all about it!

Image of Southeast Watersheds Report November 2013 Watershed Planning Community Workshop Summary Report 
Image of Bayside Characterization Report July 2013 Bayside Watershed Characterization Report 
 Image of Channel and Northshore Report June 2013 Watershed Planning Community Workshop Summary Report


Get Involved

Check out the SFPUC calendar for upcoming Green Infrastructure and other SSIP events coming to your neighborhood!

Stay informed by subscribing to our e-newsletter to learn about upcoming sewer and urban watershed events and projects. Sign up here:

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