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Westside Advanced Recycled Water Project

On the west side of San Francisco, we are aiming to save up to 2 million gallons per day (mgd) of drinking water that is currently used for non-drinking purposes such as irrigation and lake fill. Recycled water will be delivered to a variety of customers through a system of pipelines, pump stations, storage tanks and reservoirs. The system will bring recycled water from the recycled water treatment facility to Golden Gate Park, Lincoln Park Golf Course, the Presidio Golf Course and other landscaped areas for irrigation.

Treatment Plant and Process

A new Recycled Water Treatment Plant will be constructed within our existing Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant. Secondary effluent from the Oceanside WPCP will be treated further with membrane filtration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet light disinfection to produce recycled water at a level that will exceed state of California standards. The project will produce and deliver up to 2 mgd on average, with peak deliveries of up to 4 mgd during the summertime of recycled water that is suitable for all recycled water uses approved by the State of California.

Distribution System

This project includes construction of almost 8 miles of new recycled water pipelines that will be constructed mostly under City streets to bring recycled water from the newly constructed treatment facility to customers. The project also includes construction of an underground reservoir, an above-ground recycled water pump station in Golden Gate Park which will pump recycled water to Lincoln Park and the Presidio.

Project Information
Pipeline: September 2017
Treatment Facility: August 2017
Pump Station and Reservoir: June 2018
Pipeline: August 2018
Treatment Facility: December 2020
Pump Station and Reservoir: May 2020
Project Phase Multiple Components
Cost $186 Million
Planning and Reporting Documents

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