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Residential Toilet
Residential Toilet
Single and multi-family residents are eligible for cash rebates when they replace their high-flow toilets with qualifying high-efficiency toilets.
clothes washers and dryers on showroom floor
Residential Washer
Residential customers can receive a cash rebate for the purchase of select high-efficiency clothes washers.
solar installation on residential roof

Applicable to commercial, industrial and other general uses served through a separate meter or battery of meters.

Laundry to LandscapeLaundry-to-Landscape Graywater ProgramReceive a $112 subsidy toward the purchase of a $117 laundry-to-landscape graywater starter kit that includes a 3-way valve, piping, tubing, fittings, and other materials for installation.
Last updated: 1/6/2014 9:54:53 AM