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Local Business Enterprise Program

Contact for additional information
Iris Martin Lopez
(415) 554-3222

Our Local Business Enterprise Program (SFPUC-LBE) provides small regional construction firms located in the water service territory (Daly City to Hetch Hetchy) eligibility to be certified by the General Services Agency’s Contract Monitoring Division for construction contracting opportunities on SFPUC specified construction projects, as San Francisco based firms.

  • Established small/micro public works/construction, construction material suppliers, construction equipment rental and trucking firms located in the water service territory (defined by zip codes) are encouraged to apply for the certification program. 

What has changed since the SFPUC-LBE Certification Program went into effect in 2006?

Effective April 2013, new language was added to the legislation to allow micro/small construction firms to bid on regional construction projects (repair and replacement and capital improvement projects) located 70 miles beyond the jurisdictional line of the City and County of San Francisco. The SFPUC-LBE Certification Program outlined in section 14B.5 applies only to public works/construction services, construction materials supplies, construction equipment rental and/or trucking.

Under the Program, SFPUC-LBEs will be eligible for the 10% prime bid discount and can also receive participation credit towards the LBE subcontracting goal.

What are the SFPUC-LBE Certification Program requirements?

Average annual gross receipts and location of business applying for certification are the key measurements used to determine eligibility.

What are the benefits of the SFPUC LBE Certification Program?

The following benefits are available:

  • When bidding as a subcontractor, certified SFPUC-LBEs shall be eligible to meet the LBE subcontracting goal requirements on SFPUC Regional WSIP construction projects; located outside of San Francisco County
  • When bidding as a prime, certified SFPUC-LBEs shall be eligible for 10% bid discount on SFPUC Regional construction projects. Located outside of San Francisco.

What zip codes are included in the SFPUC regional water system service area?

The SFPUC water system service area is defined by the cities/zip codes listed in Appendix I and may be amended by the SFPUC from time to time.

  • Zip codes under the SFPUC-LBE Program (new attachment appendix I)

What are the economic thresholds?

Small/micro construction firms are required to show average annual gross receipts from prior (3) years. Please note the average annual gross receipts for the last three years cannot exceed the following limits:

Work Small
Public Works/Construction Contractors (A & B license) $14 million $7 million
Specialty Construction Contractors  $7 million $3.5 million
Goods, Materials and Equipment Suppliers  $7 million $3.5 million
General Services $7 million $3.5 million
Trucking $3.5 million $1.75 million

Can regional small/micro construction firms bid on San Francisco construction projects and receive discount or LBE subcontractor goal credit?

Yes. Small/micro construction firms from the regional water service area are eligible to bid on San Francisco construction projects, however; these firms are non-eligible to meet subcontractor goal credit and will not receive the 10% bid discount. When bidding as a prime, the discount is available for regional capital improvement projects located 70 miles beyond the City and County of San Francisco.

Is there an Oversight Committee assisting the SFPUC with its contracting efforts in the regional water service area?

The General Manager’s Small Firm Advisory Committee was formed in 2006 with adoption of San Francisco Administrative Code Chapter 14B.5(b), to assist the SFPUC with its efforts to provide meaningful business opportunities to small/micro, locally based construction companies throughout the SFPUC's water service area.

Comprised of five appointees representative of the SFPUC's water service region seven counties, the Committee provides public meeting opportunities to meet with small/micro construction firms and residents of Suburban water customer jurisdictions to discuss actions of the committee that affect those communities.

How long does the certification process take?

Application processing ranges from 14 to 30 business days.

What happens during the certification process?

Contract Monitoring Division staff will review the application and documents submitted, and request any additional items needed to complete the file. SFPUC staff will conduct a site visit of the premises and interview employees and/or the owner(s) at the site.

Certification Applications should be submitted to:
General Services Agency
Contract Monitoring Division, Attn: Certification Unit
30 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 200
San Francisco, CA 94102-6033


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