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Plumbing Fixture Replacement Program (PREP)

Free Toilets and Urinals for Residents and Businesses


The SFPUC is launching a new program, called PREP for short, that replaces old toilets and urinals with water-efficient models. 

Commercial properties must apply by 12/31/16; applications received after 1/1/17 will not qualify.

Get started

Interested customers (residential & commercial) are encouraged to apply online now to determine if their property qualifies for this program. To get started, read the Eligibility Criteria below.

Eligibility Criteria

The PREP Program will offer free high-efficiency toilets and/or urinals, plus free installation. It will be available to residential and non-residential properties in the SFPUC's retail service area that meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Have existing toilets that use at least 3.5 gallons per flush (gpf) (toilets rated 1.6 gpf or less are not eligible) and/or urinals that use more than 1.0 gallon per flush. 
  • Accommodate installation of new high-efficiency models without major plumbing alterations or repairs. Properties with abnormal site conditions (e.g. rotted flooring, atypical plumbing configurations, etc.) will not be eligible for the PREP Program until conditions are improved.
  • Install showerheads, faucets and/or faucet aerators that comply with the California Plumbing Code by the time PREP installations are complete.



PREP Program Steps

prep flow chart

The SFPUC’s Plumbing Fixture Replacement Program (PREP) is intended to serve entire multi-unit and commercial buildings, as well as single-family residences. Property owners, property managers or water account holders, with the agreement of all three parties if they are not one and the same, may coordinate submission of a single application for all toilets and urinals in the entire building. 


Individual tenants who rent office or residential space in multi-unit properties will not be accepted for the PREP program, and tenants may not register in the system at this time. If you are a tenant in a multi-unit building with old, eligible fixtures, contact your property owner/property manager to see if they want to apply on behalf of the entire building. Owners of condominiums in multi-unit buildings and complexes interested in participating are encouraged to do the same. 
Please visit for conservation assistance available for tenants.

Additional Information

For additional questions, contact the SFPUC Water Conservation Section at (415) 551-4730 or


Last updated: 1/5/2017 8:57:48 AM