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Contracting opportunities 
WD-2627R: Sutro Reservoir Rehabilitation and Seismic Upgrade - BID TABULATION

By posting Prime Bidders' requests for subcontracting opportunities, SFPUC makes no representations to the reader that the listed Prime Bidders are qualified or authorized to advertise services as licensed contractors.

  • Contact: Karla's Maids & Janitorial Services Phone: 415-285-0985 Email: Mailing Address: 2390 Mission St Suite#9, San Francisco CA, 94110

  • Speciality: Our field is Janitorial Services and we are offering our services for Offices &/or Fields Trailers in Construction Projects. We are a LBE & SBE Certified. To submit Bid invitations please sends us the info to our email address or give us a call.

  • Record created: 05/16/12

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  • Contact: Shimmick Construction Company, Inc. is requesting quotes from SF (Local) Small & Micro LBE Subcontractor and Suppliers on complete or partial portions of work for all phases including (but not limited to) the following: Clear and Grub, Demo, Drill-Bond, Earthwork, Electrical, Erosion Control, Fence, Flatwork, Joint Seal, Landscape, Mechanical, Membrane-H2O, Paint-Stain, Paving, Piles-Micro, Rebar, Roofing, Shoring, Shotcrete, Survey, Trucking, Waterproof, Welding, Aggregate, Expansion Joints, Fabric, Falsework Material, Lumber, Misc. Metal, Pipe-PVC, Pipe-Steel, Precast-Utility, Ready Mix, Valves and Fittings. 100% Performance and Payment bonds with a Surety Company subject to approval of Shimmick Construction Company, Inc. are required of subcontractors for this project. Shimmick Construction Company, Inc. will pay bond premium up to 1.5%. Subcontractors will be required to abide by terms and conditions of the AGC Master Labor Agreements and to execute an agreement utilizing the latest SCCI Long Form Standard Subcontract incorporating prime contract terms and conditions, including payment provisions. Contact Scott Fairgrieve at (510) 777-5000 regarding bonding or other assistance.

  • Speciality: Jerry Blazek P. (510) 777-5086 F. (510) 777-5099 E-mail:

  • Record created: 05/11/12

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  • Contact: Clayton Fraser P: (415) 456-8972 F: (415) 459-0665 e-Mail:

  • Speciality: West Bay Builders, Inc. is looking for qualified HRC-Certified small local businesses. We are signatory to both the Carpenters Collective Bargaining Agreement and the Laborers Collective Bargaining Agreement. Please contact WBB to see how we can assist you with obtaining bonding, insurance and various equipment, supplies, and/or related services. Trades that we are looking for include, but are not limited to Demolition; Hazmat; Earthwork; Paving; Metal Work; Waterproofing; Coating; Mechanical; and Electrical.

  • Record created: 05/09/12

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  • Contact: Steve Haslam 925.373.8370 phone 925.373.0940 fax

  • Speciality: May include but not limited to: mechanical, electrical, concrete, anchor bolts/pile installation, pipe lining/coating, hazardous material removal, and landscaping.

  • Record created: 05/04/12

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  • Contact: Diablo Contractors, Inc. (DCI) adheres to the requirement for Affirmative Action to ensure Equal Employment Opportunity according to Executive Order 11246, and requires proof from all subcontractors that they are in accordance. 100% Performance and Payment Bonds with a surety company thereof, subject to the approval of DCI, will be required of all subcontractors. DCI will pay bond premium up to 1.5%. Please contact DCI for assistance with bonding, insurance, or lines of credit. All subcontractors are expected to sign a standard contract, refer to our website: Any bid provided by your company constitutes an acceptance on each and every term of the general contractor’s standard contract. Subcontractor will be deemed to understand and accept those terms by providing a bid. Any attempt by a subcontractor to revise or limit those terms will be null and void and not recognized by DCI. Prevailing wages must be met. Plans & specs are available for viewing at our San Ramon office as well at SFPUC, 1155 Market Street, 1st Floor, Contract Admin. Service Desk. Please call DCI for more information. Contact: Tiffany White, Outreach Administrator at (925) 552-8250, fax (925) 552-8254, email:

  • Speciality: We are soliciting quotes from certified LBE Subcontractors and Suppliers for the following categories of work (including but not limited to): mechanical, demo, clear/grub, fence, excavation, concrete, irrigation, hydroseeding, mulching, underdrain, dewatering, paving, shoring, pipe lining/coating, hazmat, landscape, electrical. Work will be broken down to accommodate subcontractor quotes. Quotes are due by Wednesday, May 16, 2012.

  • Record created: 05/03/12

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  • Contact: Proven Management, Inc. Jay Andrews, Chief Estimator Phone (415)421-9500 Fax (415)421-9600

  • Speciality: Proven Management, Inc. welcomes quotes from Small & Micro-LBE (certified by the SF HRC) subs and suppliers on complete or partial portions of work for all phases including (but not limited to) the following: Fencing, Trucking, Survey, Clear and Grub, Demo, Rebar, Drill-Bond, Earthwork, Electrical, Erosion Control, Joint Seal, Landscape, Mechanical, Paints/Coatings, Paving, Micropiles, Roofing, Shoring, Shotcrete, Waterproofing, Welding, Aggregate, Expansion Joints, Fabric, Falsework Material, Misc. Metal, Pipe-PVC, Steel Pipe, Precast-Utility, Ready Mix, Valves

  • Record created: 05/01/12

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